Dear partners!
We present you a combined method of delivering parcels and documents to Russia (Air + Courier Service in Russia)
This method is a profitable alternative to Thailand Post.

Parcel weight in kgDoor-to-door delivery cost all Russia (THB)Shipping cost to pickup point (THB)
For central regions and large cities of Russia
Shipping cost to pickup point in Russia (THB)
For remote regions and small towns in Russia
0.010 — 0.100320250320
0.101 — 0.200340265340
0.201 — 0.300370290370
0.301 — 0.400390310390
0.401 — 0.500410330410
0.501 — 0.600500420500
0.601 — 0.700520440520
0.701 — 0.800540460540
0.801 — 0.900560480560
0.901 — 1.000580500580
1.001 — 1.500780700780
1.501 — 2.000980850980
2.001 — 2.500112010501120
2.501 — 3.000130012001300
3.001 — 3.500150014001500
3.501 — 4.000170016001700
4.001 — 5.000210020352100
5.001 — 6.000247024052470
6.001 — 7.000283027652830
7.001 — 8.000320031353200
8.001 — 9.000356035603560
9.001 — 10.000392039203920
10.001 — 11.000429042904290
11.001 — 12.000465046504650
12.001 — 13.000502050205020
13.001 — 14.000538053805380
14.001 — 15.000575057505750
15.001 — 16.000611061106110
16.001 — 17.000648064806480
17.001 — 18.000684068406840
18.001 — 19.000721072107210
19.001 — 20.000757075707570

Prices are valid from December 1, 2022.

The prices for parcel delivery to the Russian Federation are stated in Thai baht and are valid under the condition of a concluded contract and the sender providing all the requested documents to the project.

When processing one-time orders from individuals, an additional service fee is charged.

Please beware: Sending documents in packages disguised as goods is not allowed. In such cases, the documents are confiscated and destroyed without warning or notification to the sender.

Delivery of samples for testing under the B2B scheme is possible, as well as for submission to the certification bodies of the Russian Federation, with all the corresponding documents. Prices are available upon request.

Explanation of the b2c shipping cost table:

  1. «Door-to-Door» delivery (a flat price rate for the entire Russian Federation) is carried out by the courier service PONY EXPRESS to the address provided by the sender across the territory of the Russian Federation, excluding remote and sparsely populated areas and remote regions. For delivery to these regions, the parcel may be handed over to the Russian Post and delivered to the post office.
  2. «Pickup Point» delivery is made to the selected recipient after providing passport data, at the parcel pickup point or post locker. The recipient must make sure in advance that there is a post locker or parcel pickup point reasonably close to their place of residence. The map of post lockers and pickup points can be found at In case the recipient, for whatever reason, makes a wrong location choice for the post locker location, further movement of the parcel will take additional time, and the cost of transportation is paid by the store that sent the parcel.

The «Pickup Point» delivery has different prices for:

  • Central Russia and major cities
  • Remote regions, including areas and settlements such as Norilsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan, some settlements in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, etc.
  • The cost to the pickup point is applicable only in case of concluding and executing a contract.

Please pay Attention: prices are provided without considering the volumetric weight.

  • Every parcel has a real weight and a volumetric weight. The calculation of the parcel’s cost is based on the higher weight.

Volumetric weight is calculated as follows:

(height in cm x width in cm x length in cm) / 5000

For example:

The volumetric weight of postal box No. 5 is 12.6 kg.

If the actual weight of the parcel in this box is 10 kg, the delivery cost is calculated based on the weight of 12.6 kg or if the actual weight of the parcel in this box is 15 kg, the delivery cost is calculated based on the weight of 15 kg.

  • «The importation of quarantine products of high phytosanitary risk weighing no more than 5 kilograms into the customs territory of the Union… transported across the customs border of the Union in international postal shipments… is allowed without a phytosanitary certificate.» DECISION OF THE EURASIAN ECONOMIC COMMISSION BOARD, November 30, 2016, No. 157, Moscow.

What else should be noted:

  1. The cost of a parcel for personal use, not subject to tax, should not exceed 1000 euros until Aprilr 1, 2024 (from April 1, 2024, shouldn’t be more than 200 euros, unless otherwise decided). In case of exceeding this limit, a duty of 15% of the excess amount is charged, along with an additional fee of 500 rubles for customs operations and a cash collection fee of 3% of the amount.

2. The contents of the parcel must correspond to «for personal use.» The recipient of the parcel must understand that it is intended for personal use and, if necessary, be able to justify the purpose of the products in the parcel.

3. The parcel should not contain products prohibited by the laws of Thailand and Russia such as prescription drugs, counterfeit brands, and trademarks, or products prohibited for transportation by air: aerosols, flammable mixtures, and batteries.

4. The recipient of the parcel will be required to fill in passport data on the secure via the link to 

5. If passport data for the parcel is not provided two days before the flight departs from Bangkok, the shipment of the parcel from Bangkok will be postponed to the following week. Thus, the recipient of the parcel has an additional week to enter passport data on the website.

The reason: By filling in passport data on the GBS BROKER portal, the recipient, firstly, authorizes the company to carry out customs clearance for their parcel in Russia, and secondly, provides information necessary for customs clearance in Russia. If passport data is not provided, the parcel will be disposed of at the Russian border, and the sender will bear the cost. We respect our partners and do everything possible to avoid the disposal of parcels.

6. In the event of a documented loss of a parcel not caused by the sender (considered the sender’s fault if the address is incorrect, the contents of the parcel are falsely declared, the parcel is deemed a commercial batch, the recipient behaves inappropriately during customs clearance in Russia and upon receiving the parcel, or there is outstanding payment for project services), we compensate the sender for the value of the parcel within the limit of 5,000 Thai baht, but not exceeding the amount stated in the manifest and not more 500 baht/kg.

If the parcel is additionally insured within the declared amount in the manifest (service provided upon request), the compensation will be based on the declared amount in the manifest. Additionally, the sender is reimbursed for the paid delivery cost.

If the parcel has physical damages, the recipient must document it with photos or videos, open the parcel, and create an itemized report of the damaged products with photo evidence. The report must be signed by the representative of the delivery service. Without a report and photos of the damaged products, discussing the damage and any compensation becomes difficult. If the report and photo evidence of the damaged goods is available, we compensate the sender for the value of the damaged goods within the limit of 5,000 Thai baht per parcel, not exceeding 500 baht per kilogram, and not exceeding the amount specified for the damaged goods in the manifest. If the parcel is additionally insured (service provided upon request) within the declared amount in the manifest, compensation will be provided for the value of the goods declared in the manifest.

7. If the Russian carrier recognizes any elements of the contents as hazardous cargo, the delivery of the parcel will be made by ground transportation, which will significantly extend the delivery time. In this case, the sender must pay an additional 50% of the above-mentioned tariff for delivering the parcel with hazardous cargo. One way to convince the carrier that the cargo is not hazardous is to provide an MSDS certificate for the cargo, which the Russian carrier considers to be hazardous. When determining hazardous cargo, the Russian carrier follows the GOST 19433-88 «Hazardous Goods. Classification and Labeling» standard.

Reference information on the volumetric weight of boxes that can be purchased at Thailand Post is available.


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