Delivery to CIS countries

Dear partners!
We present you a combined method of delivering parcels to some CIS countries
(Air + Courier Service)

Why this method deserves attention:

1. By sending parcels for a low price, you have a clear understanding of the time of arrival of parcels (about 2-3 weeks from the moment the cargo leaves Thailand)
2. Shipping is done once a week.
3.The parcel is delivered to the door, if it is impossible to deliver to the door or at the request of the sender, to the nearest point of delivery of the order. The pick-up point is selected on the website

What you need to pay attention to:

 The amount of the parcel for individual use should not exceed 200 euros, in case of excess, a fee is charged in the amount in accordance with the regulations of the recipient’s country.
 The content of the parcel must correspond to «for individual use «, the recipient of the parcel must understand that the parcel is for individual use and, if necessary, be able to justify the purpose of the products in the parcel.
 The parcel must not contain products prohibited by the laws of Thailand, Russia and the country of destination, prescription medicines, counterfeit brands and trademarks, products that are prohibited for transportation by air: aerosols, flammable mixtures, batteries.
 Re-delivery and change of address by the recipient are paid by the sender additionally. Actions with the parcel are agreed with the sender in advance.
 The weight of the parcel is not more than 10 kg
 When sending a parcel to CIS countries, the sender additionally provides an INN and a scan of the first page of the recipient’s passport in the receiving country.
 Delivery is possible only to the CIS countries indicated in the table.
 If the Russian carrier recognizes any elements of the attachment as dangerous cargo, then the delivery of the parcel will be made by land, this will make the delivery very long. In this case, the sender must pay an additional 50% of the above tariff for the delivery of the parcel with dangerous goods. One of the ways to convince the carrier that the cargo is not dangerous is to provide an MSDS certificate for the cargo, which, according to the assumption of the Russian carrier, is dangerous. When determining dangerous goods, the Russian carrier uses  ГОСТ 19433-88 «Грузы опасные. Классификация и маркировка»
By transferring parcels subject to customs clearance at the customs authorities of the Russian Federation, the Customer confirms acceptance of the customs representative’s offer agreement published at,  and agrees with Terms and Conditions.
Below are the prices for delivery by the proposed method to the CIS countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan. Parcel delivery prices are indicated in Thai Baht. Prices valid from June 15, 2023.

Parcel weight in kgBelarusKazakhstan
Вес посылкиUzbekistanKyrgyzstanArmenia
Prefixes for countries, indicated in the manifest, before the order number
Belarus - "BY" example: ZAK-45 order with prefix should look like RB-ZAK-45
Kazakhstan - "KZ" example: ZAK-45 order with prefix should look like KZ-ZAK-45
Kyrgyzstan - "KG" example: Order ZAK-45 with prefix should look like KG-ZAK-45
Armenia - "AR" example: ZAK-45 order with prefix should look like AR-ZAK-45
Uzbekistan - "UZ" example: order ZAK-45 with prefix should look like UZ-ZAK-45
Azerbaijan - "AZ" example: order ZAK-45 with prefix should look like AZ-ZAK-45
Georgia - "GR" example: ZAK-45 order with prefix should look like GR-ZAK-45

For parcels to the CIS countries, as well as when sending to Russia, a manifest is provided. In addition, the value of the attachment in the parcel must not exceed 200 euros and the weight of the parcel must not exceed 10 kilograms.
To send to the indicated countries, the recipient needs to enter the necessary data upon request from Tanais-express and provide through his store to the THDELIVERY.RU project his TIN number in his country.

When determining the cost of delivery, weight and volumetric weight are used. Any parcel has a real weight and volumetric weight. When calculating the cost of the parcel, the largest of the weights is used.
Volumetric weight is calculated as follows: (<height in cm>x<width in cm>x<length in cm>)/5000
In the event of a documented loss of a parcel not caused by the sender (considered the sender’s fault if the address is incorrect, the contents of the parcel are falsely declared, the parcel is deemed a commercial batch, the recipient behaves inappropriately during customs clearance in Russia and upon receiving the parcel, or there is outstanding payment for project services), we compensate the sender for the value of the parcel within the limit of 5,000 Thai baht, but not exceeding the amount stated in the manifest and not more 500 baht/kg.