Working conditions

The mission and purpose of TH delivery is to make sending parcels from online stores in Thailand the most comfortable for the recipient of the parcel, the client of the online store.

Мы предоставляем доставку с хорошим соотношением (скрок+качество)/цена.

We provide delivery with a good ratio (time + quality)/price.

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Bangkok time, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays noted in the current month’s work plan.

By the fact of transferring parcels to the THdelivery project for delivery to Russia and the CIS countries, the sender confirms that he has carefully read and agrees with the working conditions described below.

THdelivery is a partnership project for sending parcels from Thailand to Russia and some CIS republics by Thai online stores.

Sending is carried out according to the b2c scheme.
This sending scheme involves working with online stores (Customers). An online store is understood as an organization that makes sales from its website (other sales resources are discussed individually) and delivers physical goods. persons on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries for individual use.
In case of doubt about the originality and safety of any product, the project has the right to request from the online store a VAT invoice for a specific product, group of products, issued to this online store.

Delivery consists of several stages:

  1. Consolidation of parcels at the project warehouse, consolidation of documents provided by partners. If the partner is unable to provide documents, the project can prepare the documents on its own for a certain fee. Launch of passport data collection and delivery of parcels to Russian airport
  2. Customs processing in Russia. For customs processing, completed passport data for the recipient of the parcel is required. Customs, through a customs broker, has the right to request the recipient to provide a scan of the first page of the passport, more detailed information about the contents of the parcel, the purpose of the contents, the composition of medicines and dietary supplements, scans of the order in the online store, scans of documents confirming payment for the order and other information in accordance with clause 29 Order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia dated July 5, 2018 No. 1060
  3. Delivery of the parcel to the recipient (to the door or to the point of delivery of the order), provided that the recipient is accessible by telephone to the phone number specified in the order. If the parcel cannot be delivered by the carrier company in Russia due to the remoteness of the recipient’s settlement, if the settlement is very small, the carrier can transfer the parcel for delivery by Russian Post or other services to their point of issue.
  4. Optionally, if the cargo is sent to the CIS countries, the customs office of the recipient country may request the recipient to provide additional data in accordance with the legislation of the receiving country.

The project and its partners are implementing points 1, 2, 3, 4.

The submission of passport data and other information requested by customs authorities from the recipient of the parcel in Russia (and optionally in the CIS countries) under paragraphs 2 and 4 rests entirely with the recipient of the parcel. The project has nothing to do with the provision of this information and, if possible, can only provide consulting services to the online store that sent the parcel through the project.
The time for free storage of a parcel about which customs authorities have questions is limited in a temporary storage warehouse in Russia, no more than 3 weeks from the moment the parcel arrives at the warehouse. Extension of deadlines can be made by agreement of the parties.

Restrictions on sending parcels from Thailand:
The export of Buddha images, with the exception of personal amulets, as well as objects of religious worship and antiques, works of art, is prohibited without permission from the Department of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Education

If the customs authorities of Russia or another country in which the parcel is received define the parcel as a commercial consignment or as containing substances or products with a high phytosanitary risk prohibited for import into Russia and, optionally, the recipient country in the CIS, the parcel is subject to destruction at the expense of the Internet — store, sender of the parcel.
The online store can determine to what extent the contents of the parcel relate to goods for personal use based on the reasonable quantity and nature of the goods in the order; the frequency of receipt of similar goods in their name is determined by the recipient of the goods.

If the contents of the parcel fall under the category of GOST 19433-88 “Dangerous goods. Classification and labeling”, delivery of a parcel in Russia may take much longer than the stated period, while the project may require an additional payment of up to 80% of the delivery rate for this parcel from the sender’s online store.

If a forgery is detected (not all goods in the parcel are indicated in the manifest, the prices stated in the manifest differ significantly from the prices on the online store website, the manifest contains “broken links” (links to missing pages), the prices indicated on the website are lower prices declared by the manufacturer of the product, the product is packaged in packaging from another product), the THdelivery project has the right to make a decision regarding this parcel at its own discretion, without any restrictions, including disposal.

If goods prohibited for shipment from Thailand, prohibited for import to Russia, or a high phytosanitary risk are detected in a parcel, depending on the time of discovery, the project has the right to delay the parcel at the warehouse in Bangkok or seize the specified goods and send the parcel at its own choice.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the goods; they should not be included in any of the lists of prohibited goods:
Categories of goods not related to goods for personal use
Shipping of medicines
Goods not accepted for transportation according to the restrictions of companies involved in parcel delivery
Classification of regulated products

General remarks

Working hours and transfer of project contact to recipients from Russia

We kindly ask our partners to keep in touch during business hours outside of emergency situations. These are working days from 9 am to 5 pm Bangkok time. Days marked on the work plan as weekends are also non-working days. The office is also open from 9 am to 5 pm Bangkok time on weekdays. Please note that the project was created to work with partner online stores, therefore visitors are not accepted without prior agreement, packaging and repacking of parcels on the office premises is carried out only by project employees, without the presence of outsiders. If for any reason, contact with the project is transferred to the recipient of the parcel, then please inform the recipient about what time and when you can make calls and send requests, help the recipient formulate questions in advance, so that communication is conducted without emotions on the substance of the issues. Of course, priority is given to our partners when responding to inquiries and calls.

In case the loss occurred through no fault of the online store or the recipient.

  • the parcel did not reach Russian customs
  • after release from Russian customs, the parcel was not delivered to the recipient, provided that the recipient’s mobile phone was turned on and the recipient answered calls from the courier and the transport company delivering the package at the last mile
    compensation is made in the following amounts
  • no more than 5,000 baht per parcel, but no more than 500 baht per kilogram, and no more than the cost of the damaged investment indicated in the manifest and a refund of the shipping cost paid by the online store for the delivery of this parcel.
    If the parcel at the customs of the Russian Federation is recognized as a commercial consignment, a prohibited cargo or cargo with a phytosanitary risk was found in it, the recipient did not provide passport data or other data requested by the broker in order to provide clarifying information to the customs authorities, responsibility for the fate of the parcel rests entirely with to the recipient of the parcel, including material.
    If the recipient does not answer phone calls from the delivery service, which leads to repeated unsuccessful delivery attempts, he understands that the logistics of the process become more complicated and the likelihood of the package being lost due to his fault increases. Of course, in this case no compensation is paid.

Tariffs, pricing, limits and delivery features are posted on the following pages:
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